Picture of Roo in the yard Just checking the senery out

Picture of Roo taking nap Taking a nap

Picture of Roo and Kota Kota looking over Roo as he sleeps

Picture of Roo Scratching Scratching that itch

Picture of Katie feeding Roo Feeding Roo at the Stock Show

Picture of Buddy when he was a baby Buddy when he was a baby

Picture of Ann feeding Buddy Bottle feeding Buddy

Picture of Buddy at the Stock Show Buddy at the stock Show

Picture of Tim & Madison petting Buddy Saying hello to Buddy at the Stock Show

Picture of Madison petting a yak Quality petting time

Picture of Madison laying with a yak Laying with the yaks

Picture of D191 and Tim saying hello Coming in for a scratch

Picture of Yaks Courting Love is in the air

Picture of I-4 and her baby Nose to Nose

Picture of 125Y and her baby Cuddle time

Picture of Momma and her baby Momma and her baby

Picture of H039 and 31-O Bonding time on the ranch

Picture of heifers having lunch It's lunch time

Picture of C049 winning first place NO49 winning First place in the Pen Show

Picture of E030 Golden Royal Bull Our Golden Royal Foundation Herd Sire

Picture of Bull Posing for the camera